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Shaving Hacks to Help You Look Dapper

October 24, 2017 by Truefitt & Hill Bangladesh

Men hate being told how to shave. Shaving is a ritual they follow from adolescence to old age. It is an age-old routine being followed by men of all nationalities. The entrepreneur is always on a time crunch. Running from meeting to meeting, pitch after pitch. Every entrepreneur needs to look sharp and on point. Walking into a meeting disheveled and tousled is not a good impression to make. Men must invest more time into their appearance in order to achieve favorable outcomes. As much of a cliché the proverb, “First impression is the last impression”, sounds like, the truth is clichés become clichés because there is an underlying truth in them. Here are some shaving hacks every budding businessman must have in his repertoire.

  1. Take your time: Hasty shaving results in cuts and bruises. Take your time, gentlemen. Don’t rush through a shave it does more harm than good. Spend enough time washing, prepping and lathering your face. Unsightly cuts and bloody bruises look extremely boy-ish and amateur. Use pre-shave oils to soften and prime your skin prior to your shave, in order to have a smooth and soothing one.
  2. Brush past fingers: Dear men, invest in a badger brush. Do not use your fingers to lather up. Use a smooth brush to get foamy and frothy results with your shaving cream. Brushes give unparalleled coverage with minimum effort and shaving cream. Brushes also have exfoliating properties that help rejuvenate your skin.
  3. Temperature Control: Keep in mind, both hot and cold temperatures are important during a shave. As soon as you are out of a shower, shave. As soon as you’re done with your shave, splash some cold water onto your face to seal any cuts you may have endured.
  4. Don’t go against the grain: Shave in the direction of hair growth. Hair grows in patterns, so map out the pattern of your hair growth before shaving.  Shaving against the grain of your hair growth results in ingrowth and green shadows.
  5. Periodic Visits: Give yourself a break. Go in for a relaxing but comprehensive shave at Truefitt & Hill where they have a spirited set of skilled and professional barbers to look after your grooming needs this week. Every once in a while treat yourself to a pruning session. Book an appointment with Truefitt today.
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